EDC51 | London, UK

Organisational dynamics, team cohesion, leadership development

Welcome to EDC51

EDC51 is a UK, London-based international consultancy. We specialise in culture management and change through organisational dynamics, team cohesion, and leadership development. Our clients are companies that see the role of company culture, cohesive teams, and authentic leaders as part of their strategic competitive edge.

We ground our professional practice in integrity, autonomy and awareness.

Our work is rooted in three main pillars—relational psychology, subjective experience and group dynamics. We see your people in the context of your company culture, vision, values. Here is what really makes our work unique and one-of-a-kind.


We work not only with cognitive and behavioural level but also affective and experiential ones. This involves shaping of your team’s relationships, subjective experiences, and attitude.

Our services—whether we are working with individuals or entire teams—are informed by theories, techniques and practical experience from classical, integrative and relational fields of transactional analysis, coupled with psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, object relations and gestalt approaches. We also base our work in study and practice of group dynamics.

Organisational Dynamics and Company Culture

Collective culture is more than just a mere collection of individuals and their relationships.

Culture of an organisation is more of a felt experience rather than something tangible and overt. This makes it hard to manage, but easy to fall pray to. To tackle it's flaws, one needs to see them first.

Team Cohesion

Team's performance is a direct outcome of team cohesion. And team cohesion is a manifestation of leadership effectiveness.

Focusing on the team-as-a-whole is the main vehicle of increasing individual's performance, engagement and devotion. It is not the other way around!

Success of the company depends on success of the team, not the success of the individual.

Leadership Development

Leadership is not solely about behaviour and mindset. It is predominantly about the attitude, relating and trust.

We facilitate your leaders’ development on all these levels. This means that we not only develop your leaders’ skills but also shape their attitudes.

Leadership potential is strongly influenced by potential to develop meaningful professional relations, trust, individual’s professional needs, and the ability to build a performing and cohesive team-as-a-whole.


EDC51 developed a unique set of Subjective Experience Assessments (SEAs). SEAs not only indicate leader’s subjective experience in the workplace, but also evaluate team cohesion, its integration with company culture, values, vision and so much more.

SEAs are an answer to the limitations of feedback-led and personality assessments, which underestimate individual's subjective experience, their needs, ambitions and their integration with the team, company culture and wider professional environment.