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Culture Management

Culture in organisations can take form of an intangible a felt experience...
We can sense it, we know it's there, we can identify its effects on the organisation. But we cannot touch it and can struggle to identify its source.

Culture will make or break your organisation.

Disruptions in the felt experience of organisational culture/atmosphere can spread like wild fire throughout an organisation. If environment becomes “toxic”, unproductive conflicts erupt, psychological distances between people increase, engagement and productivity plummets.

Homogeneity or heterogeneity between levels of management; changes in organisation and processes; physical distance between different teams etc.—If not managed properly, all these may disrupt organisational culture/atmosphere. This may result in psychological distancing; individuation, feelings of threat, “corporate politics” etc.

Cultural toxicity may affect an entire organisation regardless of size. It is crucial to (1) diagnose the problem, its origin and hotspots, (2) prepare “treatment plan” and (3) apply “treatment and cure”.