EDC51 | London, UK

Organisational dynamics, team cohesion, leadership development


Ales Zivkovic CTA(P) MSc (TA Psych)
London, UK

Psychotherapist (UKCP Reg/Acc), Certified Transactional Analyst (Psychotherapy), Leadership and Organisational Dynamics Consultant

Ales is a London-based psychotherapist (UKCP Reg/Acc), certified transactional analyst (CTA-P) and organisational leadership and group dynamics consultant. Within EDC51 LTD, an international organisational and corporate consultancy, he specialises in leadership development, assessments, team cohesion and organisational dynamics.

Ales also runs a clinical psychotherapy practice in London, UK and has vast experience as a psychotherapist and counsellor. He also used to work as a psychotherapy counsellor within the UK NHS (National Health Service).

Ales is especially passionate about group and organisational dynamics and uses it in his psychotherapeutic as well as corporate setting. This ranges from leading psychotherapy groups in clinical setting to teaching leaders the skills of team dynamics and leadership. He is also running reflective practice groups for professionals and facilitating experiential leadership sessions.

Ales is integrating his vast experience in business, policy-making and corporate environments with his knowledge and practice of counselling and psychotherapy. Due to his experience in group dynamics work, his work with corporate and other business clients encompasses predominantly leadership development and optimisation of team cohesion—with emphasis on the role of leadership in developing cohesive teams. He is also passionate about cultural, demographic, ethnic, social and economic diversity and its organisational implications.

He is a former entrepreneur, encompassing years of experience in corporate, consulting, policy-making, political, entrepreneurial and corporate governance environments. His public policy background ranges from appointment as State Secretary for state budget and taxes at the Ministry of Finance of Slovenia and as health care reform advisor to the Minister of Health. He was also a member of numerous government negotiating groups, member of public institution councils, and a member of the board of the Centre of Excellence in Finance (CEF).

On the corporate side, Ales was involved in various roles, such as in the field of corporate government affairs in pharmaceutical industry, a board advisor in insurance and banking and also as a supervisory board member. He was also an board advisor to numerous startups. On the side of investment banking, he worked in the area of cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

Ales is also author in the field of psychotherapy, organisational consulting and group dynamics. His latest book is Life Blocks: Psychology in Entrepreneurship and Career

Gianpaolo Benedetti
Geneva, Switzerland / Milan, Italy

Chartered Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapy Counsellor, Organisational Consultant

Gianpaolo is a chartered clinical psychologist, therapist and organisational professional development consultant.

Paolo works both in clinical, as well as in organisational and educational settings. As part of his clinical engagements, he provides psychotherapeutic counselling to young adults in educational setting and also runs his private psychotherapy practice.

Gianpaolo is also a psychology lecturer at IHTTI business school in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, where he deals with areas of personal development, leadership, behavioural management and groups dynamics. He also worked as clinical psychologist for Collège du Leman and Viriditas Career.

Gianpaolo holds extensive background in corporate and organisational settings, where he was mainly involved as psychologist responsible for psychological assessments and people development.

He worked with organisations such as Rolex, Bvlgari, Metalor, University of Technology (Australia), General Electric (Italy) etc.

Gianpaolo’s involvements range from management and conducting of 360-degree feedback assessments, management and implementations of coaching programs across Europe, facilitating conflict management, poor performance counselling, demotivation and burnout interventions, organisational change management, team cohesion etc.

Throughout his extensive career, Gianpaolo acquired vast experience with psychological and psychotherapeutic assessments, leadership development and group dynamics.