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Organisational dynamics, team cohesion, leadership development

Subjective Experience Assessments (SEA)

Subjective Experience Assessments (SEAs) are unique set of employee and leadership assessments developed by EDC51 LTD.
SEAs combine psychotherapeutic assessment theory and techniques with established psychological assessment practice.

Subjective Experience Assessments (SEA) for Individuals and Teams

Subjective Experience Assessments (SEAs) for individuals and teams evaluate subjective experience of individual employees and leaders or even collective experience at collective team level. They indicate areas of improvement in order for the individual or a team to more fully realise their potential.

SEA characteristics
  • Integration of personal and professional values
  • Team cohesion
  • Indication of areas of professional development
  • Viewing individual in context of team and company culture
  • Using employee's subjective/personal experience as an indicator of change areas

Corporate Values and Competences Assessments (CVCA)

Corporate Values and Competences Assessments (CVCA) represent subjective experience assessments which are custom-made based on company's set of values, competences, leadership behaviours etc.

CVCA characteristics
  • Cohesion of employee's set of values with company culture
  • Employee's subjective experience of team's identification with company culture
  • Assessment of current individual and team status and direction of progress
  • Assessment of differences between individuals and collective team identification

Team Cohesion Assessments (TCA)

Group Cohesion Assessments (GCAs) indicate the level of group's (i.e. team's) psychological and affective cohesion. They indicate whether the group perceives itself predominantly as a group of individual members or a group-as-a-whole.

GCA characteristics
  • GCAs come in multiple forms, differing according to purpose, complexity and detail.
  • Indication of group dynamics.
  • Tracking cohesion over time.
  • Indicator of leadership characteristics.
  • Assessment of the group-as-a-whole.