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Organisational dynamics, team cohesion, leadership development
Authentic Leadership and Team Cohesion

Authentic Leadership and Team Cohesion

An authentic leader—a real leader—has three main tasks in relation to how they engage their team. Firstly, they need to gain team members as devoted followers. Secondly, the devotion needs to be grounded on affective level and combined with affective trust—in other words, devotion needs to come from an authentic place. But there is another […]

The Truth About Authentic Leadership

Managing a team is not the same as leading it. And, to many, the difference is not the most obvious. Some may argue that leadership differs from management in the way that management is process and task based, whereas leadership is about your team following you and trusting your vision. But is an oversimplification and […]

Team Diversity and Group Dynamics

Diversity plays an important part when we consider the dynamics of a company team from the perspective of group dynamics. Proper leadership of homogenous and heterogeneous aspects of the team will have a significant impact on how the team performs as a whole, the level of group cohesion, the kind of relationships are built and […]

Leadership and Trust

Leadership skills are not learned but acquired. Maybe we should not even define them as skills. It’s a form of being, rather than doing. They are integrated not only on cognitive and behavioural level, but also emotionally, affectively, phenomenologically.