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Team Cohesion and Groups

The characteristics of your team will always outperform the combined characteristics of your individuals.

Team Cohesion Through Group Dynamics

Talented individuals cannot deliver if they are not part of a cohesive team. Lack of team cohesion results in individuation, defensiveness, toxicity and diminished engagement.

We take into account both the individual’s professional development, as well how this development fits with team cohesion and team dynamics.

The difference between a productive talented individual and a destructive one is in how they integrate into the team.

We utilise vast knowledge, skills and experience of group dynamics to increase the cohesion of your teams.

Specialised Team Cohesion

Specialised teams or distinctive challenges call for tailor-made solutions. There is no one-solution-fits-all.

Business and organisational settings are dynamic environments where as-hoc issues may arise.

Conflicts, mediation, cultural differences, demographic or values diversity… These are only some of the aspects your team may need facilitation dealing with.

Specialised team cohesion is tailor-made to tackle specific challenges of specific teams.

Reflective Practice

High pressure jobs and performance stress need to be managed to prevent backlashes.

It is essential for the professionals in high intensity and high pressure jobs to manage their stress levels in psychologically appropriate ways. This allows them to both cope with future situations better, as well as prevents deterioration of their current professional relationships.